Lasso, cultural participation and art education network in Brussels

Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate cultural participation and art education in Brussels by realizing qualitative networking opportunities and cooperation between art professionals and professionals from other domains such as youth work, social welfare, education in Brussels.

Finding ways of sharing information, knowledge, experience and expertise on cultural participation and art education in Brussels is our main goal. Lasso serves as an intermediary between the professionals of the above mentioned domains and stimulates partnerships through various projects and long term relationships and cooperation. The fact that Lasso is Brussels based, is a bliss: the Belgian capital offers a great deal of opportunities and challenges. Our primary partners are those who serve a dutch-speaking audience, but we also try to cooperate with other Brussels based organisations as well as Flemish partners.

Lasso is part of Brussels Kunstenoverleg vzw which stimulates cooperation between Brussels based professional art organisation. Brussels Kunstenoverleg vzw cooperates closely with Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles. Lasso is provided structural financial support by the Flemish Commission for Brussels. A number of its projects are subsidized by the Flemish Government.

All other reading on this website is in Dutch, as are most of our activities. The below PDF is in English though, and offers some more insight on what we do. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Some projects Lasso is coordinating and has coordinated:

Move It Kanal

With the project Move It Kanal Lasso and its partners JES vzw, D'Broej, Brussels Kunstenoverleg/Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles, L.E.S. Molenbeek and IHECS, aim to stimulate cultural participation of young people aged 10 to 20 years in the Brussels Canal Zone, a multicultural neighbourhood with immense social problems (poverty, unemployment, ...). For the duration of the project (2016-2021) the Erasmus University College Brussels (Social Work) is our research partner.

Main aim of the project is creating a sustainable, cross-sectoral network of organizations en institutions operating in the Brussels Canal Zone: youth organizations, education partners and cultural organizations. Those taking the initiative have been operating for many years in Brussels and have a large network of partner organizations which is useful for the realization of the project.

During the first phase (beginning of 2016 until spring 2017), a research was conducted into the cultural participation needs of young people. In addition, information mapping on the existing cultural initiatives was done. From the beginning of 2018 onwards, and taking into account the research outcomes and the dialogue with our network partners, several pilot projects will be conducted. This way, partner organizations are stimulated to match cultural supply and demand.

Experiences from the pilot projects and expertise will be shared during conference days and in publications for professionnals in the sectors of education, youth work and culture.

The project duration is from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2021 and is provided financial support by the Brussels-Capital Region and the European Union within the framework of ERDF Brussels (European Regional Development Fund).

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Kunst voor Ketjes

Finding and organizing an inspiring cultural event for a group of children from six to twelve years old is not always easy as a child organization. mentions various after-school time programs, i.e. museum tours, theatre shows, concerts, etc.


Thanks to BrusselArt Brussels organizations and community associations get an overview of the Brussels art programs. comprises all art day programs of the BrusselArt partners.
Brussels organizations dealing with vulnerable groups can participate in the BrusselArt program. This formula offers additional mediation and support according to the needs of each group.

The Move It project

During the academic year of 2013-2014 three teams including three artists coached both students and teachers during eight weeks in two schools each. Project coach Airan Berg is an internationally renowned artist and stage director with a few years' experience in community art projects in various countries. He coached similar school projects in Flandres, Wallonia, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. The Move It project emphasized the importance of the artistic process (talent development, improving personal competencies, …), results were not particularly wanted or crucial to the project.


BabelART stimulates immigration organizations to discover the diversity of the Brussels art programs and to get in contact with professional artists. Many of those organizations offer language and integration courses. In addition, they often organize art workshops.